Current research and planned projects

Current Research
  • PROMIS linking, MCID, responsiveness
  • Access to care in local and national settings
  • Assessment of patient satisfaction
  • National benchmark for cost of care
  • Health information technology
  • Health and aging
  • Unemployment and health
  • Bundle payment
  • Value-based health care
  • Hospital readmissions
  • Evaluation of congenital myotonic dystrophy
  • Clinical severity measures development in FSHD
  • Analysis of hospital readmissions
  • Medication adherence
  • Shared decision making
  • Cancer treatment and survival
  • Student achievement
  • Racial battle fatigue
  • Social support


Thank you for visiting the QORA current research page! If you are interested in collaboration with the QORA team in any of the projects listed above, please feel free to contact us at 801-587-5372.